Pre-owned Car Inspection

If you want to buy a pre-owned car but you have any reservations on the seller and the condition of the car, Call HKAA !

If you have a question about any strange noise or other unusual signals your car is making, Drive your car down to HKAA Inspection Centre !

Our qualified inspectors provide professional vehicle inspection services to members and detailed reports are given .

Online Booking

Car inspection service charge : HK$1,450

Car inspection report includes the following 13 major items:

1. Vehicle Body, Structure and Flood Damage
2. Electrical Equipment 
3. Engine
4. Ignition & Fuel System 
5. Cooling System
6. Air Conditioning
7. Transmission 
8. Steering System 
9. Wheels and Tyres 
10. Brakes System 
11. Suspension 
12. Visible Crashed Car Parts and Loss
13. Road Test

For details or to make a booking, please call us at 9688-3896.

Japan Vehicle Inspection Certificate

<Japan Vehicle Inspection Certificate> for only $1,000 

Available for Japan PI Passenger Car  
The certificate will be sent through e-mail within four working days of the application date.  The cut off time for application is 3pm from Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
Certificate information incl. : Date of 1st & latest registration, Date & mileage of exported from Japan (if available) 

The information of remarks is subject to change depending on the actual situation of the vehicle, e.g. the mileage will not be provided if the vehicle had exported from Japan before 3 years

3 steps to apply:
1. Complete the application forms and prepare for payment;
2. Email all documents to :
3. Receive your certificate by email about 4 working days. 

Application Form

Inquiry or application hotline : 9688-3896 / 3583-3615