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HomeChoice Insurance plan (Enjoy 10% premium discount  upon successful application)

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HomeChoice Protects you from COVID-19

✓ Included COVID-19 situation in “Alternative accommodation benefit” – if after the issuance of your HomeChoice policy there are two or more confirmed COVID-19 cases in the same residential building which your home is located, alternative accommodation expenses can be claimed for your home being made uninhabitable. The temporary accommodation expenses for pets is also covered. 

✓ Special arrangement for off-premise quarantine – HKD 600 per day meal allowance up to 14 days will be applicable to householders being informed by the Hong Kong Government after the issuance of HomeChoice policy to undergo compulsory quarantine at a designated centre outside of your home, and further extended the limit to maximum 30 days if householder is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 and subsequently hospitalized!

Applicable for incidents which occur on or before April 30, 2020.


Property care:

✓Sum Insured for Contents Insurance increases according to the gross floor area of your home up to HK$1,250,000
✓Accidental damage cover for valuables in home such as jewelries, watches, antiques, etc. up to HK$250,000
✓Outdoor Property Cover
Liability care:
✓Owner's, Occupier's and Personal Liability Cover up to HK$10,000,000
Lifestyle care:
✓24 hour Emergency Home Assistance Service - Hassle-free cashless approach
✓Alternative accommodation and meal allowance to you and your family if your home is made uninhabitable
✓Feng Shui consultation following damage to Home – up to HK$3,000
✓Worldwide protection: Repair cost for mobile phone, laptop or tablet computers

Pets care:
✓Pet Accommodation – provides alternative accommodation benefits for your dog’s/cats if your home is made uninhabitable

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The above is for reference only and does not form part of the policy contract. For details of the terms and conditions of the insurance product, please refer to the policy documents. In case of discrepancy, the policy provisions shall prevail.